Friday, 27 September 2013

Analysis of various design alternatives

    After a thorough analysis of the information collected and research done during visits to school, the following parameters were derived:

    The design would cater to lower-middle income group of parents.
  1. The parents and family members are not aware of the reasons as to why their child behaves in a particular way while beginning school and commonly associate it with child's lack of interest in studies.

  2. In lower middle income families, the parents do not have the opportunity to send them to such schools where there is frequent interaction between parents and teachers.
  3. Moreover they do not have an exposure to get materials regarding parenting.

  4. Keeping all the above factors in mind, I drafted a content, structuring it and approximating the quantity of content. This would not only give me a brief idea of how much content needs to be generated but it would also validate the existing options of prototype. It would help in ascertaining :
    The feasibility of using a particular option for that information.
    The space on prototype being sufficient enough to contain the content.

    The briefly estimated quantum of content

    Analysis of the options

    Rise above anxiety The form is appealing. However the quantity of information is too huge to fit in.

    The Phone Cover The case is slightly fragile and can hinder the easy use of mobile phone. Moreover the space is too less.

    Pencil Stand The pencil stand has adequate space for the information. Moreover the metaphor with which I tried this exploration "Look within your Child" could aptly be conveyed. The container cover can contain the introduction and a brief description of anxiety. Whereas the inside leaflet can have the problems and their solutions.

    Calendar The calendar will also be an apt medium as there are 12 major problems which have been identified with children at the beginning of school. These 12 problems aptly fit with the 12 months. More over there could be breathers where further information can be given.

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