Monday, 27 August 2012

Defining the Proposal

Understanding the child psychology at the school beginning level is very important. Evaluating the necessity for the parents to understand their children by not assuming that school beginning is a perpetual problem. An initiative for parents to take it as an independent take exclusively for their child had to be emphasized. Taking all these factors a proposal was drafted.

The Proposal

Purview of concern

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression,”as quoted by Dr. Haim Ginott. When children begin with their formal schooling it is similar to an ex situ experience. They have been pulled out from the comforts of their family and home into a larger unfamiliar world aimed at their development. It is upon the parents, the institution and the society at large to make the child feel comfortable and good about joining school. Eventually the child begins to encounter myriad emotions. There are many occasions when the child throws tantrums or expresses its unwillingness to go to school. He or she may even resort to wetting and soiling in school in spite of being toilet trained. It is not because the child does not want to study or is lazy, there are other psychological aspects which get manifested in such a way. As adults we are aware of the word stress and use it on a day to day basis. They also feel a stress but are unable to speak out clearly. If these problems are not addressed at the initial level, the child may grow up being aggressive or shy or a poor performer.

Problem Analysis and Deduction

Just as the child grows physically, it also grows emotionally and psychologically. The love and care of the parents provide sense of security on which various learning experiences of childhood are built. Any deviant behavior in the child may be traced to the growth of new emotions and faculties in it as in the case of nightmares or it may be due to various tensions as in the case of bed-wetting. A proper understanding of the child and the various stress it is passing through will enable the parents to handle judiciously any behavioral disturbance which appears.
Adequate explanation of various tension-causing phenomena in the daily life of the child may help his understanding of life and enable him to master the conflicts that arise. As a visual communication designer I would like to bridge the gap between the child and the parents in being aware of and understanding these concerns. I want to contribute in terms of comprehending what the child undergoes at the threshold of joining school and while attending it. Also working on enumerating the problems and mapping out solutions and how the parents can take the responsibility of effectively building and instilling values and a sound character in their children.

Suggestive Proposition

A publication or a booklet which could be circulated amongst parents and institutions to propel the awareness and how to act on it.
An interactive media where the child and the parents can come together and do something jointly.
The project was apportioned in three stages.

Stage one: Information collection, analysis and synthesis. Research on study of child, parent and      institutional behavior.

Stage two: Content development and further research.

Stage three: Exploring alternatives along with doing user study after which there is final execution.

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