Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Proposal Feedback

After a few corrections the proposal was signed in on the final draft. Thereupon the research strategies were discussed. 

User study: The task here was to identify situations when kids are sent to school and what are the possibilities in which they behave and the ways in which the parents respond.  On the basis of my past experiences as well as listing down how my family members and friends recall their school going times various scenarios had to be identified.

Literature: Books on Relation between parents and children and also on understanding the problems faced by children and their psychology have to be referred in order to get a better view.

Meeting professionals and parents: Skimming information from people who work closely with children especially of the age group of 4-6 years would be beneficial. Principals and teachers of preschool and junior schools could give valuable insight on how kids conduct themselves at the initial stages. Moreover interactions with parents and conducting Focus Group discussions could be highly informative in knowing the existing behavior and how to steer the circumstance in a better way.

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