Monday, 10 December 2012

Jury Feedback

Prior to the jury, I got the opportunity to interact with Dr. Shailendra Gupta. He heads the Calorx Education and Research Foundation. He has been involved in the field of education for long time. He has interest in child development, transactional analysis, creativity, thinking, teacher education. 

He pointed out that child upbringing is a very challenging task. According to him time is the biggest problem. Parents need to essentially give time to their children. He sighted us an example where a parent is ready to devote fifteen minutes to read paper but not sit with his child. The reason being, reading paper will benefit him in his business but if he spends that amount with his child, his time will get wasted. He stated that parents fail to realise, but their manner of handling kids has its repercussions in future.

The number of people who are abused at old age is on a rise. This has to be attributed to the way children were brought up. It not only shows carelessness on the child's part but also parents who are to be blamed for neglecting their children earlier. He recommended us to follow Maria Montessori's blog and also read the Global Achievement Gap. 

After meeting him I realised that parents should be made aware of the long term effects of child upbringing. They have to be explained how their own neglect could be a cause of worry eventually. All the potential problems that could possibly arise from the early years of education should be elaborated and shared with parents.

At the Jury:
Since the project is on research stage, I was asked to read more on it. I was asked to look into the works as it could give me insight as to how I could look at this issue.
  • Mitchel Resnick
  • Brio Toy Company
  • Reggio Emilia

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