Saturday, 15 June 2013

Visiting Karnavati School

After hearing different stories from parents about sending their children to school, I created scenarios. I took four problems which occur in children while beginning their school.
1.Fear of school route.
2.Difficulty in interacting with peers.
3.Children take time to realize.
4.Hearing impairment being a cause of worry for the parents.

All these problems were then required to be validated by speaking with a different group of parents.
I visited Karnavati Public School on University Road and took the opportunity to visit the class and observe the children of lower nursey. It had been their second week of beginning their school. None of them had been to a playgroup and it was their first time to a school. There were very few students in the nursery with only 9 students out of which 7 were present. I spoke to five mothers and have written about what I learnt from them about their children and my own observations on each of the children.

Jagrav being helped in climbing the stairs

A school helper helps Zaqi wear his shoes

This is Rashi, who got frustrated when her spoon didn't fit
 in her tiffin box and she ended up spilling poha.

It was observed that in most families the fathers don't look at the education of their children. They are not concerned with the the day to day teachings in school. Usually it is during the weekends when the family gets together and they spend time. My purpose was to verify that the scenarios built earlier also existed elsewhere. However I noticed that each child is anxious while beginning their school. What differs is their family and the situations in which they have grown. For certain children the joint family system is a boon as the child is used to being surrounded by many people so that dont behave timidly but for those who have been brought up in nuclear families face more problems. They find it difficult to adapt to so many other people. Moreover they demand extra attention as they usually grow up alone without other children.

The four scenarios which I had made earlier could not be validated but instead I discovered new set of problems which also exist. I realised that there were certain key issues which underlined the whole situation and were a source of all other problems. I decided to go to few more schools and find as to what are they doing towards solving their student's initial school beginning problems.

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