Monday, 1 July 2013

Visiting Trinity School

The nuclear family scenario has been detrimental in upbringing the child. Since this pattern of living cannot be averted, it is best to find solutions from within the existing scenario. I visited the Trinity School in Paldi. The school feels it is very important for parents to understand why their children need to be educated and therefore why parents play such a big role. The school conducts workshop at the beginning of the new session where parents of the newly school goers come and learn about school rules. They are also recommended what kind of food is to be given in tiffin and how the parents should be willing to accept their child's weakness and work towards overcoming it. Few pages which I could collect with regard to the instructions given to parents were as follows:

After visiting Trinity School, I understood that even school are taking notice of the change in parents behavior. Looking at the circular above I noticed that there is a good scope of intervention in which not only do parents consider issues seriously but also keep it as a reminder. 
The whole idea can be in narrative form where a parent is explaining another parent what are the issues they are facing and how they overcome them.Such as this series of book which talks about the feelings of children in rhymes and illustrations.

It could also be a desktop calendar with series of illustrations which says,"Prepare your child for school."I also thought of designing a poster or a page that could be attached to the school handbook. It could also be a book which can be in a question answer format.

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